Things You’re Doing Wrong On Your About Page and How To Fix It


I don’t believe your about page should be entirely about you. Sounds crazy? Well hear me out…

People do go to your about page to find out more about you and your business.

However, they also go to your about page so to see if you’re a good fit for them or if what you provide is relevant to them.

I am going to provide you with a format that works for me and a format I often see others use.

First, your intro I believe should cater to who your audience is and their core problems that you intend to solve for them.

Whether that is through your blog  content  or the products and  services you offer.

Your about page should give them the reassurance that they’re in the right place.

So who is your audience? What problems do they currently have that you will solve for them? What will they get out of your website or blog? What should they expect?

I recommend that you write no more than one to two paragraphs explaining this.

Next, tell us about your story and within your story display your credibility.

Provide them with the “why” behind what it is you do and what your passionate about.

Side Note: I don’t stray too far off the cuff. I try to keep the points about my story relevant to my audience. So I won’t mention I love chocolate on my about page because it is not relevant to my visitor or my business.

Again, I recommend writing no more than one to two paragraphs explaining your story.

Another side note, if your story is much longer than three paragraphs I have two suggestions:

1. Provide a link that says “Continue Reading” and it will go to another page with the rest of your bio.

2. You can make a video.

The point here is to keep their interest for as long as possible.

So you don’t want your content to be too long on one page because it might be the last page they see before they X out of your website.

In the closing include an opted in so they can sign up for your mailing list.

Please make sure you don’t just say “join my newsletter”.

Be helpful and inviting when your content.

Side note: I usually try to write for my best friend and it keeps me from sounding cold and uninviting. I also include an opted in the middle of the page if my content exceeds to far down the page from the fold.

And finally, include a nice quality image of yourself so we know who we intend to work with and connect with.

This image could be a professional head shot of you or you and your family or you in your office, etc…

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Have you been to someones website and you absolutely loved their about page? Share with me below who that was and what you liked about their page.

How To Be MORE Confident In Business and In Life

beMOREconfident copy

I have recently launched a FREE training for service providers and coaches around forming an authentic connection with their audience through their website and much more… So if you haven’t checked that out yet please head over there after you’ve read the rest of this article.

Now, I want to bring awareness to an important factor that without it you can not effectively connect with a your audience or bring your business to the next level. It is something that I’ve battled with and it is something that I make an effort everyday to build up.

And that is Confidence.

It is something that has hindered my ability to communicate effectively, establish my credibility, and take the big risks that would press my business forward in a bigger way. Also, it has hindered the relationships I could have developed more effectively if I wasn’t so fearful. Now I can admit that other factors can stem from the examples I’ve shared with you, but I was worried about what other people think.

Do they like me? Am I awkward? Am I displaying that I am awkward to them? Will they still like me and work with me if I say this or do this?

When you are comfortable in your own skin, not concerned with what others think of you, and you are confident in your product or service that you provide it will be displayed to everyone around you. It is not something that I feel I can change instantly. However, it is something that will take time and a lot of effort, but starts with self.

This is why I brought MJ Allen, Success Strategist on board so she can educate us on how to build up that confidence we all desperately want.

Take a listen… 

MJ Allen, Success Stylist Links: 

Twitter: @Gorgeousunity
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Question for You: Has the lack of confidence gotten in the way of something you wanted for your business or your life? Share with us below.

How Coaches Can Build an Authentic Connection With Clients


I am a firm believer that technology and specifically your website doesn’t have to be feel lifeless. Behind these screens are real people with real problems, desires, and feelings. And as a coach being who you are and the way you conduct yourself makes an impression on your client’s decision to work with you. They will be spending anywhere from an hour to months with you telling you personal details about themselves, their life, or their business.

So if you are asking yourself… 

How do I communicate and showcase “feeling” in an authentic manner on my website without the psych-sales-babble?

Do I sound more like yourself or more professional?

How do I connect with my audience if I am not face-to-face with them?

How do I form an authentic connection with them?

How do I convey to my clients that I am a expert in my field and they should work with me?

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