B-school Journal Week 3 – 5: Passion, Creativity, Overwhelm, Courage.


Week 3: 3/27/2014 – One word – Epic!
Rate: 8 out of 10

This week we discussed communication and it was extremely EPIC!

What I loved about this module is that I was able to easily brainstorm and be creative in the way I deliver my messages to my audience.

Started thinking about what my audience needs and the best way I can deliver my content.

That is through podcasts, audio, video tutorials, and more… I hate writing and I can comfortably admit that.

So now I plan to use other elements which I feel are easier for my audience to process due to my services and industry.

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Up Your Mail Chimp Game and Customize Your Pages


We all know by now that email marketing is powerful.

Every day we’re getting blog updates from our favorite blogs, promos from our favorite clothing stores, shoe stores, book stores, and more…

Unlike the big corporation, us entrepreneurs are able to really connect and build relationships one-on-one with our subscribers. 

We want our subscribers to feel special when they opted into our newsletter, right?

Well, if you’re fairly new to building your email list with Mail Chimp you are in the right place.

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Week 1 & 2 My B-School Experience: Get Courage. Press Forward. Get Help

b-school_week1_2 copy

Interested in knowing how my b-school experience is going?
Let me start off by giving you a little background.

I’ve been following b-school for three years now wishing I can get the courage to join and the money to spare.

I applied for a scholarship by submitting a video and didn’t win.

I battled with myself for days after debating if I should apply and if this is my time.

On the very last day of enrollment - hours before it closed - I signed up and paid for b-school.

So many emotions came over me after I hit that submit button – excitement, nerves, courage, and confidence.

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10 Reasons Why To Hire A Photographer


I have a new photo shoot coming up and I am extremely excited about it.

So I am figuring out hair, make up, clothes, and colors to make sure it compliments my new looks I am going for with my website revamp.

I am going for a girly, natural, sophisticated approach with this photo shoot.

Plus, I have dropped a few pounds and folks have already suggested I re-take my photos since I look a little different.

Ha! I might gain my weight back in a few months who knows, it’s how women bodies are, but who doesn’t want to get in the front of camera and dress up?

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Can Your Customers Easily Find You Online?

Word of mouth is likely to be the #1 reason why a customer would search to find you online.

The last thing you want is a potential customer to run a search and can not find you online or find the information they need.

Adapting to technology trends can be frightening to some businesses owners.

However, adopting will enable you remain relevant to your clients and the business world.

Nowadays, technology has had much influence in most aspects of life including travel, military, and medicine, automotive and business industries.

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Tips & Tools for You to Leverage Your Facebook

I am such a DIY girl when it comes to social media.

I so want to pass the job over to someone else, but no one can speak for me and my brand better than I.

Last year I ran a contest and I did an okay job.

However, I wish I would have hired a professional to help with it run it.

Next time I will do just that.

I highly recommended seeking help, it is so worth getting a professional that can not only take over the headache, but do it the right way.

Hey! Reputation is everything.

Now back to what we were discussing…

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Remember Yesterday & Look Forward to Tomorrow

For most, it is time to get dressed up, popping bottles, have fun & laughs with close friends & family.

I feel like I spent the past two months doing that.

So I will be home with a glass of wine relaxing – thinking about 2014 & how I can continue to make my mark.

I sat down & filled out my 2013 review spreadsheet & I am damn proud of what I’ve accomplished this year.

Despite all the challenges I faced; losing my job, battling diabetes & pregnancy loss.

A door opened this year & I have to acknowledge the GREAT moments.

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6 Ways to Save Money on Website Design Services

Whether an individual requires having a new website constructed from the scratch, redesigning the existing site, including several apps, these are sure to involve a good amount of bill, once the developing and designing team has completed the website.

Whatever, be the type of budget, it does pay the effort to be wary of every penny that is paid, since the prices are sure to have a direct influence on website quality.

Moreover, the requirements never get completed, since technology changes at a rapid place and the website needs to be updated from time to time.

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The Ultimate Website Brainstorming and Planning Process

Let’s Talk… Brainstorming + Planning

Planning and preparation is key to building an effective website. Brainstorming allows you to generate ideas for your small business website.

Importance of brainstorming:

Brainstorming is an individual or a group approach to review a problem at hand and devise possible solutions towards achieving a long-lasting idea. Website building even for a small business is a complex activity that requires a lot of considerations for it to be successful hence the need for brainstorming. It’s very effective when it is approached with a non-judgmental and open-minded approach.

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What is the Purpose & Goals for Your Website?

Let’s Talk… Goals + Purpose

Whether you have a website or you’re planning on starting one it’s never too late to
re-prioritize your website.

You can do that by answering the following questions:

- Who is your website for?

-What do you want your visitors to see when they first visit your website?

-What do you want your visitors to do when they visit your website?

-What is your call to action?

- What do you want your content to say about your or your company?

- What do you want to measure?

I know it seems like a lot, but by answering these questions you will have a better idea on what is necessary for your website.

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