How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

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I absolutely love Instagram because it's a great platform that allows you to use photos and video to share your story. Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms with an estimated 300 plus million users. If you utilize Instagram properly, it can be a part of your businesses success. Instagram allows you to take a picture or record a video on your mobile device, apply filters, captions, and then share the image on other social media networks. You can keep it professional or  personal. Images are extremely powerful and can create an authentic connection with your audience. How to Build Your Brand on Instagram: To increase your visibility online Build brand awareness Get results in your business To get traffic to your blog To share your story Showcase your … [Read more...]

How To Setup and Sell Digital Products That Are VAT Tax-Approved

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You've educated yourself on VAT Tax in the previous post and now what? It's time to get down to the nitty gritty on HOW you can make the adjustments needed so that you can sell your digital products. I had the pleasure of consulting with Lisa Robinson, who is an expert business tax accountant. I sat down and asked her a few questions that are going to allow me to help you. Siedah: What simple steps do we need to take to be compliant with the new VAT tax? Lisa: There are no simple steps, per se, but you do have a couple of options. The first option is that you can, instead of selling your digital products on your website, sell them on a third-party platform like Amazon or Payhip. Payhip has stated that they are liable for the VAT tax, and that how it works with them is that … [Read more...]

Let’s Chat with a SEO Expert


In the last blog post, I taught you how to evaluate your website so that you can increase your conversion rate. If you've had your online business for some time, I am sure you know SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for your website’s success.  I am often asked by my clients "Can you get me on the front page of Google?" There are so many layers to SEO.  I am very much at a beginner level intermediate level when it comes to search engine optimization.  For what I don't know, I do research and consult with my pals who are SEO experts. Today, I'd like to introduce you to Chichi Eruchalu, SEO expert, owner of and creator of SEO Go Pro online course.  She is an Online Strategist and Visibility Coach who is going to give us some gems on how we can … [Read more...]

How to Evaluate Your Website Performance (Worksheet)

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In my last post, I spoke about the behind the scenes process to building a website. Now let's dive deeper into how to evaluate your website performance so that your online business can progress. It's the new year and you're probably thinking it's time for a website re-design. Maybe you're right. There might be one or many reasons why you're not getting any engagement on your blog, or phone calls or emails or sales from your website. That is exactly where test and measure comes into play. Follow me on Instagram @siedahmitchumdesigns I absolutely love solving problems – it is truly one of my strengths. And I want to help you solve your particular problem so you can spend more time doing what you love to do. I am all about working smarter and I love trying new things. I prefer to … [Read more...]

My Step by Step Process of Building a Website


In my last post, I spoke about everything you need to know or ask a design professional before you decide to hire them. I want to take you behind the scenes to my step by step process of building a website. I've been designing websites for over 13 years now. And after so many years of designing website after website and working with client after client it was evident what needed to become the primary focus. Is this you? I want my website built with my personality, my style, my brand, and audience in mind. I have a pretty website and now what? How to convert visitors into sales? What do I do after we launch? I want my website to flow and look like one unified website. I want my website to be functional on the front end and back-end. So, I have created a new … [Read more...]