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go and glow interview siedah mitchum600It is a pleasure to be interviewed my the one and only Natasha Cole creator of the Go and Glow! Podcast.

I share some really important gems about why having a clean website can add to your business and why branding your blog attracts more leads.

Designing since 14 years old and my journey to moving into a new city.

I open up about what it felt like to have left my job and why it pushed me to take my part-time business to full-time.

Why being laid off led me to making the leap!

This is actually why I created The Freedom Biz Podcast for those women who are on a mission to ditching their 9 to 5 job for Freedom and creating the biz and life they desire on their terms!

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How to Build Your Brand on Instagram

blog_instagramwithstyle copy

I absolutely love Instagram because it’s a great platform that allows you to use photos and video to share your story. Instagram is one of the fastest growing platforms with an estimated 300 plus million users. If you utilize Instagram properly, it can be a part of your businesses success.

Instagram allows you to take a picture or record a video on your mobile device, apply filters, captions, and then share the image on other social media networks. You can keep it professional or  personal. Images are extremely powerful and can create an authentic connection with your audience.4

How to Build Your Brand on Instagram:

  • To increase your visibility online
  • Build brand awareness
  • Get results in your business
  • To get traffic to your blog
  • To share your story
  • Showcase your expertise
  • And make money using this FREE tool

Would you like to learn how you can use a platform for your business? Here is your solution


My friend Fabiola Giordani LIVE Instagram With Style Workshop. She will teach you how to: 

  • How to create an attractive Instagram Style.
  • How to attract your ideal premium clients
  • How to gain more followers strategically & save time.
  • How to convert your followers into email subscribers & clients
  • Top tools to use to make using Instagram easier & stylish
  • My favorite Instagram accounts and what they are doing right with Instagram.
  • How to use hashtags the right way #hastagology 101
  • How to create a strategic marketing plan with Instagram
  • How to create content with ease for Instagram
  • How to take great photos for Instagram

About 75% of her leads come from Instagram. She uses Instagram to grow her brand and made thousands of dollars.

Join my friend, Fabiola Giordani who is a Creative Brand Designer/Coach, Professional Photographer & Online Marketing Strategist in a 2 1/2 hour LIVE workshop where she will teach you how to create a visually appealing Instagram profile plus how to use Instagram with a purpose.

You will create a real strategy around your Instagram marketing to turn your passion into profits.



Note: I am an affiliate of Instagram with Style.

How To Setup and Sell Digital Products That Are VAT Tax-Approved

blog_vat tax expert interview

You’ve educated yourself on VAT Tax in the previous post and now what?

It’s time to get down to the nitty gritty on HOW you can make the adjustments needed so that you can sell your digital products. I had the pleasure of consulting with Lisa Robinson, who is an expert business tax accountant. I sat down and asked her a few questions that are going to allow me to help you.

blog_vat tax expert interview

Siedah: What simple steps do we need to take to be compliant with the new VAT tax?

Lisa: There are no simple steps, per se, but you do have a couple of options. The first option is that you can, instead of selling your digital products on your website, sell them on a third-party platform like Amazon or Payhip.

Payhip has stated that they are liable for the VAT tax, and that how it works with them is that once you set a price for your digital item, the EU customers will see a little message that says VAT is included or excluded depending on what you set in your settings. Payhip will then hold the VAT amount plus their 5% commission and they send the rest of the money to you.

Since they are totally liable, you do not have to register for the VAT Moss and don’t have to worry about filing the VAT taxes.
Your second option is to register for the VAT Moss and, in this case, you keep all of the records, etc. and file the taxes yourself. Honestly, I don’t recommend this unless you have a lot of business in EU countries.

Your third option (and this is for right now – as once they add the physical products then anything can change) is to add enough human interaction with your digital services in order for them to no longer be considered digital and, therefore, would be considered exempt.

So say you have an online course you are selling – then I recommend that you include a monthly Q&A call with it and a private Facebook group as well that you are actively involved in. When you advertise the course – do NOT put that these two services are free or bonuses; they need to be considered part of the package you are selling.

If you are doing webinars, – then I recommend they be live and any PDF book you want them to have – be included with the webinar. Please note that if you later sell the taped webinar – it is then considered VAT taxable and you will be liable.

The good thing is that there are several different types of third-party platforms that are complying where you can put your courses, books, etc. on and therefore do not have to worry about the VAT tax. I am in the process of getting ready to record my first show which is called “Money Matters” and I will be discussing the “ins and outs” of the VAT tax and one of the things I am going to go more in-depth about is the third-party platforms giving some more examples of which ones you can maybe check into.

Siedah: Is it worth it to comply with the new VAT rules if you don’t have UK customers right now?

Lisa: This is not just for the UK. This is if you sell to any of the 28 European Union countries. If you do NOT sell to EU countries, then you do not have to worry about complying. However, if you have no way to make sure you don’t sell a digital product to them and then you do, you could be held liable.

Software and resources you can use that is VAT Tax compatible and ready:

• Yes. Woo-comerce now has an integration called Taxamo.
EU VAT Redirect is another plugin you may use in order to redirect your audience.
Payhip: sell your eBooks with PayPal

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Lisa Robinson,

Let’s Chat with a SEO Expert


In the last blog post, I taught you how to evaluate your website so that you can increase your conversion rate.

If you’ve had your online business for some time, I am sure you know SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for your website’s success.  I am often asked by my clients “Can you get me on the front page of Google?”

There are so many layers to SEO.  I am very much at a beginner level intermediate level when it comes to search engine optimization.  For what I don’t know, I do research and consult with my pals who are SEO experts.


Today, I’d like to introduce you to Chichi Eruchalu, SEO expert, owner of and creator of SEO Go Pro online course.  She is an Online Strategist and Visibility Coach who is going to give us some gems on how we can incorporate SEO, the right way, on our website and/or blog.

Chichi is all about simplicity and looks to remove the fear and complexity around SEO (search engine optimization).  She speaks in a language you can understand, so no tech jargon from her!

She wasn’t afraid to pack a lot of value into our call; within 30 minutes I had two pages of notes, my own website review, an invite to her course (when the cart opens), and a free webinar replay!

Questions I asked Chichi:

  • What do we need in order to set up SEO on our WordPress website?
  • What do we need to do in order to make it onto the front page of Google?
  • How do we figure out what our keywords are?
  • What are some commons mistakes you notice on-line?
  • Are there any tools or resources you recommend?

Chichi’s Answers:

Siedah: What do we need in order to set up SEO on our WordPress website?

  • I recommend installing a good SEO plug-in, my favorite is WordPress SEO by Toast
  • Next I would ensure that you have optimized your pages, which means that on each page you have given it a unique title and also an interesting meta description which tells people about the page and why they should read it.

siedah mitchum designs   Google Search

  • Make sure you also optimized your images so that they are not slowing your site down.
  • I have an awesome tip sheet which you can use to walk you through the key things you should do.

Siedah: What do we need to do in order to make it on the front page of Google?

  • Making it to page one depends on many factors, some you can influence and some you cannot. You need to ensure that you are sending Google the right signals about your website for your chosen keyword(s).
  • Following the suggestions above, like page optimization, would help, but also off-page optimization, such as ensuring you have strong links back to your website (eg. from guest blogging and having content that is shareable).
  • Getting to page 1 is great, but if people don’t click on your search engine result then you have ‘failed’. Your click through rate is just as important.
  • It’s important that your search engine advert is appealing and clear.  For example, instead of using my name as my website title, I should use WordPress web designer and consultant.  If my ideal clients don’t know me, they more than likely won’t search for my name.

Siedah: How do we figure out what our keywords are?

  • Get into the mind of your ideal client and brainstorm; think of words and phrases your ideal client would use to search for you. Not sure? Ask them.
  • Understand the intention of the end user and what they hope to achieve and reverse engineer it.  People are often searching for an answer to a problem.
  • Look at what keywords people are already searching for you using free tools like Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

Siedah: What are some commons mistakes you notice online?

  • Installing a SEO plugin and not actually using it.
  • Not updating your meta descriptions, which, if you don’t, Google will pull from the first 2 lines of your website. In most cases this information is not the most relevant or doesn’t even make sense, so be sure to update it.
  • Not saving images with proper file names or including the alt description tag.  Google can’t ‘see’ images, so it can only go on what you tell it.
  • Not having clear goals on what you want your audience to do when they land on your site (no call to action).
  • Not registering for Google Analytics and Google Webmaster tools, both are free and give a wealth of information about your website.
  • Your permalinks haven’t been changed from p?123 to an actually name (About Us).
  • Not knowing your ideal clients and who you want to target.
  • Having more than 6 pages in your navigation bar– it’s confusing for people to make a choice and navigate.
  • Having broken links on your website.  Tool: or broken link checker (chrome extension)
  • Not having a proper 404 page.
  • Not writing quality content.
  • Not having share buttons on your blog, so people can easily share your work.
  • Not linking your older content to newer content or not having related posts displayed.
  • Not being on social media.

Siedah: Are there any tools or resources you recommend?

Watch the Replay of SEO Simplified: 5 Simple things to do to get more cash + clients in your businesswebinar.

  • What SEO really is and why you should care
  • Easy ways to be more visible and drive more traffic to your website
  • 5 simple things you can do NOW to boost your business


Now I’d like to hear from you. What’s one tip that Chichi mentioned that you’re going to apply to your website?

How to Evaluate Your Website Performance (Worksheet)

how to evaluate your website performance

how to evaluate your website performance

In my last post, I spoke about the behind the scenes process to building a website.

Now let’s dive deeper into how to evaluate your website performance so that your online business can progress. It’s the new year and you’re probably thinking it’s time for a website re-design. Maybe you’re right. There might be one or many reasons why you’re not getting any engagement on your blog, or phone calls or emails or sales from your website. That is exactly where test and measure comes into play.


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I absolutely love solving problems – it is truly one of my strengths. And I want to help you solve your particular problem so you can spend more time doing what you love to do. I am all about working smarter and I love trying new things. I prefer to figure out what can work for me and doing it over and over again, instead of reinventing the wheel. How about you?

I want to help you work smarter versus harder and get your website to work for you versus against you. You have to dig deep and ask yourself some real questions that will help you evaluate what is working with your audience.

So let’s begin, shall we?



Question: What do you need to change on your website to get X results?

01. Set goals

The first step is to identify what you want your website to do for you. Have a set of goals to measure progress, failed attempts, and what’s working successfully. Everyone’s goals will be different because their business is unique. So make a list of your goals to start.

Note: Your goals might change over time, and that is okay. You might have set an unrealistic number to achieve, or you have successfully hit the mark and would like to grow and progress.


X number of visitors a month
X number of project a month
X number of email sign-ups a month
X number of comments on my blog
X number of shares on my blog
X number of ads
X number of program sign-ups
X number of e-book purchases

Conversions Goals

  • How many email sign-up?
  • How many emails?
  • How many phone calls?
  • Do you need a call to action on a particular page?
  • How many call to actions do you have per page? Are they converting?


Engagement Goals

Which blog posts have the least and most blog shares and comments?

How much interaction is happening on your website? Where is it happening?

CoSchedule by Todaymade Plugin
Better Click To Tweet Plugin
Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post Plugin
Shareaholic Plugin
Evergreen Post Tweeter Plugin

02. Track Traffic

Whether it’s direct traffic (they clicked on a link that led them to your website), organic traffic (they searched and found you), or paid traffic, it’s important that you measure traffic. By analyzing this, you can measure progress.

  • What is your incoming traffic?
  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • What percentage of new visitors?
  • What percentage of returning visitors?
  • What are the pages your visitors frequent the most?

Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin
Lucky Orange

I hope you found this article on how to evaluate your website performance helpful. Yes, it’s all about results. It might be your design, the structure of your website, or your content that is getting in the way of you obtaining the results you desire. Now even if you have the answers to these questions above, you still may need someone to have it all make sense for you. To give you crystal-clear steps (do this, change this, add this) to make a difference.


I’d like to help you evaluate one page on your website. Post below your URL to ONE page on your website and ONE goal you want to accomplish. I will reply to your comment with suggestions.