Let’s Chat with a SEO Expert


In the last blog post, I taught you how to evaluate your website so that you can increase your conversion rate. If you've had your online business for some time, I am sure you know SEO (search engine optimization) is essential for your website’s success.  I am often asked by my clients "Can you get me on the front page of Google?" There are so many layers to SEO.  I am very much at a beginner level intermediate level when it comes to search engine optimization.  For what I don't know, I do … [Read more...]

How to Evaluate Your Website Performance (Worksheet)

how to evaluate your website performance

In my last post, I spoke about the behind the scenes process to building a website. Now let's dive deeper into how to evaluate your website performance so that your online business can progress. It's the new year and you're probably thinking it's time for a website re-design. Maybe you're right. There might be one or many reasons why you're not getting any engagement on your blog, or phone calls or emails or sales from your website. That is exactly where test and measure comes into … [Read more...]

My Step by Step Process of Building a Website


In my last post, I spoke about everything you need to know or ask a design professional before you decide to hire them. I want to take you behind the scenes to my step by step process of building a website. I've been designing websites for over 13 years now. And after so many years of designing website after website and working with client after client it was evident what needed to become the primary focus. Is this you? I want my website built with my personality, my style, my brand, … [Read more...]

Questions to Ask a Designer in Your Next Consult


"You're expensive" - potential client Some professionals over charge and yet they have very little experience (oh how I hate that). Some professionals under charge (I get it, but *tisk* *tisk*). Some potential clients are first starting out and their budget is small and they want to spend their money wisely. (I totally understand) Some potential clients might not know the value web services since there are so many do-it-yourself tools and software out there. By the time you … [Read more...]

Alert: VAT Tax and What it Means For Your Digital Products in 2015


Hi Love, So remember last week I told you that I hired my coach Miki Strong to help me with me business? Click here to catch up. She shared a few resources that blew my mind. I am NOT a expert on the subject, but I am providing resources so you can learn more on this topic to figure out what it means to you. A special thank you to Lisa Robinson who is an expert in VAT Tax. Hold onto your seat because this is going to blow your mind. THE NEW RULE: The new rule is that effective … [Read more...]