You’re More Expensive Than The Other Guy


"You're expensive" - potential client I hear this more often than I'd like. How about you? Share your story in the comments below. Some professionals over charge and yet they have very little experience (oh how I hate that). Some professionals under charge (I get it, but *tisk* *tisk*). Some potential clients are first starting out and their budget is small and they want to spend their money wisely. (I totally understand) Some potential clients might not know the value web … [Read more...]

Alert: VAT Tax and What it Means For Your Digital Products in 2015


Hi Love, So remember last week I told you that I hired my coach Miki Strong to help me with me business? Click here to catch up. She shared a few resources that blew my mind. I am NOT a expert on the subject, but I am providing resources so you can learn more on this topic to figure out what it means to you. A special thank you to Lisa Robinson who is an expert in VAT Tax. Hold onto your seat because this is going to blow your mind. THE NEW RULE: The new rule is that effective … [Read more...]

Invest In Yourself to Get Closer to Your Goal {FREE DOWLOAD}


Hi Love, Welcome to my new home. Do you like it? I've been getting a lot of positive reactions so far. Leave a comment below letting me know what you think. :) If you followed my B-School journey earlier this year you know I've invested time, energy, and money to figure out who I want to serve, how to communicate with potential clients and how to market effectively. I have been freelancing successfully for 13 years (got my first client at age 14), but when your side gig becomes your … [Read more...]

One Element You’re Missing That Is Harming Your Brand [FREE DOWNLOAD]


To me a brand  is the crafting of a name or symbol, design, message, and experience that identifies and differentiates a business from other businesses. So, what element is harming your brand when you have all these components (name or symbol, design, message, and experience)? CONSISTENCY in your design. Most of us are guilty of re-designing each graphic element when we create something new. For example, your Facebook header doesn't look consistent with your website. Your … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Connect With Your Audience In Your Sleep

connect-with-audience-in-your-sleep copy

This article is going to direct you to One Woman Shop blog.  Do you yearn to refer to your website as the “salesperson that makes you money in your sleep?” While it isn’t easy to accomplish, it’s certainly possible. I’m going to get you started. The first step in making your website work for you is getting to know who your ideal audience really is in order to connect with them. For the purposes of this post, though, let’s assume you have a good, detailed picture of your ideal … [Read more...]